Stryker Prime X – Safety Precautions While Using

Stretchers are the vital part of any clinical and healthcare setting. We have highlighted Stryker Prime X series as one of the most used products characterized by high-quality, functionality and aesthetics. In this article, we will share some important safety precautions while operating the Stryker Prime X stretchers.

  • Always use caster brakes during patient movement on or off a stretcher. Push on it to make sure that brakes are locked safely. Always keep the brakes engaged unless stretcher is moving. If stretcher moves during patient movement, injury may result.
  • While lowering a side rail to collapsed position, keep patients and operating staff’s extremities away from side rail spindles to avoid injury.
  • Keep your hands clear of are around the Fowler release handle and frame while lowering.
  • To prevent any damage, remove all the equipment that might come in a way, before lowering or raising litter height.
  • Don’t engage steer pedal while the Bug Wheel is on rest on a threshold or other lifted area, otherwise, the force needed to engage Big Wheel becomes higher than normally required, which may possibly cause damage.
  • To keep equipment and patient safe, don’t let the side rail to get lowered on its own.
  • The weight of I.V. bags must not be more than 40 pounds, or else, damage may cause.
  • To avoid transportation-oriented damage, verify that the I.V. pole is low enough in height, that it can safely pass through passages and under lighting fixtures.
  • Stryker Prime X stretchers have weight capacity of Knee Gatch as 200 lbs. No one should stand or sit on the Gatch as it may damage the equipment and cause injury to patient.
  • The serving tray also has weight capacity of 30 lbs., which should be taken into consideration.
  • Don’t use the cutout given for oxygen bottle holder for storing oxygen bottles and patient’s belongings.
  • Don’t use the hood for stepping.

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