The Significance of Refurbished Hospital Beds

Refurbished Hospital Beds.jpeg

In the last few posts, we highlighted how refurbished medical equipment and devices are beneficial for healthcare settings. However, medical devices and equipment are not the only healthcare necessities that are purchased in a refurnished form, rather refurbished hospital furniture, especially refurbished hospital beds are also a fast growing choice for nursing homes, hospitals, surgical and medical clinics and even residential homes.

The benefits of high-quality refurbished hospital beds are numerous, including that you get a reliable and damage-free medical bed at a reduced price and thus, you can save money.

Refurbished hospital beds are usually available in two versions. Customers choose any between the two as per their specific circumstances, budget and requirements. These versions are as follows:

  • Partially Refurbished Hospital Beds

The partially refurbished hospital beds are mechanically sound and their all components are serviced and repaired. However, repainting cost is to be borne by customer, if needed. These beds are reliable and durable and often come with a warranty of 3 months.

  • Fully Refurbished Hospital Beds

The fully refurbished hospital beds are also free from all mechanical issues, repaired and fixed with new stickers, wheels, cuplings and head and foot boards. These beds are completely repainted to give them a brand new look, and often come with a warranty of one year.

Refurbished hospital beds, either partially or fully refurbished, are available in various sizes, height, designs and colors. Often, the residential requirements are different from commercial ones, therefore, the availability of broad range is necessary to ensure that you are getting the right one for your use.

In addition, from healthcare point of view, the hospital beds are essential for patients who are residing at their homes and not hospitals. This is because, unlike ordinary beds, hospitals beds are made in view of patient’s general healthcare requirements, comfort required for the body and ease of use and mobility from one room to another.


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