Are Refurbished Stretchers Different Than New Ones In Terms Of Use?

Refurbished Stretchers.jpeg

The article title though seems a simple question, but it can be quite complicated to answer based on the supplier or the company you are contracting to purchase refurbished stretchers from, for your clinic, hospital or other kinds of healthcare settings.

As a general rule of thumb, the refurbished stretchers are the ones that should work well and don’t have any major manufacturing or cosmetic issues, apart from only minor or common wear and tear repair and retuning. The high-quality refurbished stretchers provided by our company are all proper-functioning and free from leaks and major damages.

It is suggested that you should go for the stretchers that have no rebuilding components prone to damage, failure, new paint or labels’ requirements. The refurbished units are absolutely same as the new ones in terms of use if these conditions are fulfilled by the refurbished stretchers.

If you are considering a reliable contractor or supplier like us, which specialized in refurbished medical devices and equipment supply across the borders, chances are you are going to get almost new looking and completely satisfactorily working stretchers. Since refurnished medical devices are in great demand due to their low cost and almost same functionality like that of new devices and equipment, considering refurbished stretchers is a popular practice in many clinical settings around the globe, especially in developing regions and economies where the objective is to keep the medical cost as low as possible for the physicians as well as for patients.

It is also recommended that refurbished stretchers must be inspected, dissembled, cleaned, disinfected, repainted, damaged components replaced and new labels pasted if needed. In addition, your contractor should also give you a warranty for any refurbished unit you buy. Though the processes and delivery time may vary from supplier to supplier, yet a reliable supplier always tends to fulfill all basic requirements. Once these conditions are fulfilled, you can surely consider that refurbished stretchers are exactly the same like new ones in terms of use.


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