Stryker Cub Crib – Features & Benefits

High-quality pediatric care requires the availability of a crib that is specifically developed around the aspects of access, safety and easy to use mechanism. Stryker cub crib is the one that meets these aspects requirements successfully.

What Is the Cub Pediatric Crib?

Many people are not familiar with this equipment, therefore, we will highlight what cub pediatric crib is. The cub pediatric crib is the medical equipment or device that supports efficient and safe care practices, while indirectly facilitating the healing of small children and their families through its warm and friendly look.

The Composition of Cub Crib

Cub crib is equipped with special safety advancements including low-impact side rails having wider and thinner slats and four independent side rails that are the source of providing a free access to patient when lowered and full coverage of him when raised. In addition, many cub cribs, for instance the Stryker cub crib, are also given a protective top that is fitted with intermediate support positions on every side.

The Features Offered by Cub Crib

The four low-impact, independent side rails of the cub crib include a slatted design and provide an open access for the caregivers in all directions. The key features that provide a lot of benefits include:

  • Independent side rail design
  • Protective top (optional)
  • Retractable fifth wheel
  • Integrated scale (optional)
  • Retractable backrest
  • Hydraulic controls (optional)

Why Stryker Cub Crib Is Great?

On the basis of our observations and consents taken from various care givers, we have come to conclusion that Stryker cub cribs are the most widely used and recommended devices in the U.S. healthcare industry. There are a lot of reasons behind that including the model’s innovative and efficient integrated scale systems that helps the caregivers to get one-touch, precise weight readings and other observations with the patient child in all positions.


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