Buying Guide for X-Ray Stretcher & Why Stryker Prime X Series?

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are increasingly getting advanced in terms of hospital equipment’s efficiency, portability and ease of use within state-of-the-art healthcare settings. X-ray stretcher is probably one of the latest as well as most advanced hospital equipment that is increasingly getting popular around the world’s health care facilities and clinic settings.

The Stryker Prime X ray stretcher, characterized by high quality, efficiency and durability, has been designed by Stryker in view of rising demand of such equipment and supplies in hospitals. However, in this post, we will highlight the general tips to buy X-ray stretcher.

What are the fundamental functionalities that you must check while buying stretcher?

  • The dimensions

Just like any stretcher, the width and length of the X-ray stretcher are the most critical factors that should be inspected. Keep in mind that while you place a patient onto stretcher, it must be having adequate space to cover all sides, otherwise accurate results are not guaranteed. In addition, proper dimensions of the stretcher help ensure easy and careful mobility of stretcher.

  • The Handling

Most of the mainstream X-ray stretchers are developed with a consideration of single operator who will be managing the stretcher without any assistance. However, for obese or overweight patients, this idea doesn’t seem to work. Therefore, the handling functionality of the X-ray stretchers must be inspected to cater a wide range of patients, with safety.

Why Stryker Prime X Series stretcher?

In view of the buying parameters, these stretchers seem ideal, since these are user-friendly and mobile, designed to decrease the physical strain on operating staff while giving patient lots of care and comfort at the same time.

The Stryker Prime X also includes mobility function with optional wheel for making patient’s transportation efficient and safe. With high quality Pioneer mattress, patients get proper pressure redistribution and comfort level all across the body. The stretcher-exist system of the units alerts the healthcare staff to a potential falls of patients on time. In addition, the power washable design of the stretcher is easy to clean, while its 700lb weight capacity is able to address wide range of patients.


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