Questions to Ask from Seller before Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment

Refurbished Medical Equipment .jpeg

In this post, we will highlight some important questions that every buyer of refurbished medical equipment must ask from the seller before making a purchase.

  1. Does your company have under the contract or own the refurbished medical equipment being sold to me?

Whether the company holds a special agreement or owns it, or is just brokering the refurbished medical equipment is important. This is frustrating to pull the levers to purchase the piece of equipment just to know that it is not available. Site changes, delays, price changes and other hassles are just the few of the costs that arise with such a predicament.

Though there are many examples where purchasing refurbished medical equipment is based on the general timeline and specifications and that also make sense, most of the time it is best to confirm that company you are purchasing from has exclusive rights for it or owns it.

  1. Does the company have a specialized Project Management Team?

With the functional complexity of the imaging equipment, it is vital to purchase from the company having a team to manage the projects from the beginning till the end. From the coordination of technicians in the installation process, crating, calibration, shipping, legal documentation and working with your own IT team to incorporate machine into your system, it is significant to have a dedicated and trained people just a call away, who are ready to respond you once the sale is made.

  1. Does the company provide a turn-key solution?

It is mandatory to have a clearly defined contract expectations and language stating that the refurbished medical equipment will meet the OEM specifications for the cosmetic appearance, image quality and the overall performance level. This start is vital to have a happy ending and to make the most of your purchase.


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